About Us

Who We Are

The Higginbotham’s is an Indian company of book sellers and publishers based in the city of Chennai. The main bookstore at Mount Road, Chennai has the reputation of being India’s oldest bookshop in existence.

The proof for this is that Higginbothams has crossed over 160 years since its inception. This humble bookstore started by Abel Joshua Higginbotham in 1844 has since grown by leaps and bounds and is now the country’s premier bookstore chain, catering to a wide range of customers and reading needs.

Today, it has a chain of 14 outlets spread across   the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh,  Karnataka and Kerala.

What We Do

We have fully integrated and systematized our operations, and are using state of the art systems, with custom built software to meet the needs of Students, the General Reader, the Professional, Institutions, Corporate and Government organizations.

Higginbothams enjoy the status of Exclusive Suppliers of Journals, Periodicals, CD-ROMs,  On – line Databases to many educational institutions. It is with pride that we declare that our customers are happy and contented lot.

How We Do

At Higginbothams we always care for the customers and we ensure that the customers get the money’s worth. That is why in many cases we take the role of a Consultant and suggest ways and means to our customers to save money and at times provide services which may not be within our ambit.

We constantly strive to provide better service to our customers through our wide network of showrooms in cities and stalls at Railway Stations/ Airports to meet the needs of the traveler’s.

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